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Bobbi Williams 
Spiritual Counselor
also known as
Esme Chamane, Author

Founder of Home for the Soul

About Home for the Soul


"From the moment we are born, we seek to find home",
from Anthony Lawlor author of "Home for the Soul".
Bobbi Williams began her spiritual awareness as a sensitive using Feng Shui and staging with the energy of home. This one step led to many spiritual teachers and many personal openings in spiritual practices. Her journey is a as a gift to you in her services and classes. Bobbi is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Spiritual Counselor through the American Institute of Healthcare Professionals.
Bobbi created "Home for the Soul" as a warm and welcoming space  for you to transform and balance body, mind and soul with a variety of techniques. Bobbi also teaches and offers workshops. See our upcoming events!

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